Thursday, October 17, 2013

somewhat grown-up grunge

My personal style takes a lot from the grunge style of the early 1990s. Hell, I was 20 in 1991, so I even have some clothes from that era. I should instead write: "My style preserves and incorporates elements of early 1990s grunge." Whatever.

Today, I wear a silky black and white dot-print shirt dress with grey and burgundy striped thigh-high socks and grey lace-up boots (from Born, and they look like I always hoped Docs would but never did on me). A somewhat grown-up grunge look:

You can barely see my vintage silver and onyx scarab beetle pendant, and not visible are the Ming blossom button earrings, silver enameled with a pearly-white resin, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art shop. (Love that shop.)

See? We Gen Xers can still play with our clothes.

The Slippery Crockery shop has a bunch of early 1990s items, including a black velvet mini dress with a flocked rose design, a flowing floral navy blue silk dress, and even a pair of Steve Madden shoes, a classic chunky pair from the early 1990s.

Play with your style, update the vintage, and enjoy.