Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today's work on the Schrader dress re-do

I have draped Daisy in the cut pieces of the 1980s Schrader dress and the new grey fabric to get an idea of what I have and what I want to do. The whole dress will be lined in the grey cotton. (I have yet to cut those pieces.)
Do I want to add the grey stripe down the center of the skirt?
How do I want the neckline to work?
Can I pull this off?

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

marathon, purple tutu and Frye boots

I ran my fifth marathon on Sunday, the Philly marathon. This was the first marathon for which I wore the purple tutu, and it kept me lighthearted as my brain became foggy and my legs stiffened up when I hit the wall at mile 22. I finished, thrilled with my 21st-century PR (that’s “personal record”) of 3:54:06. (I did run the NYC marathon faster in 1999, but that was last century and doesn’t count anymore, right?)

The photo may be blurry, but it is the only one I have and nicely captures the movement of the tutu. I also appreciate the pink and yellow hues of the runner behind my right shoulder.

And because I ran a marathon, I get to buy these boots:


They are not Frye, but they are so like the then-used, now-vintage Frye boots that I bought in 1986 from a street vendor who set up her wares on a sheet on the sidewalk near the Astor Place Cube in New York City.

Since those boots became unwearable, I kept them in mind when I was wandering thrift stores, but have had no luck. I searched on etsy and eBay. I refused to pay upwards of $200 for a pair of boots that would probably let the rain in, no matter how awesome they were. (You could say, “Don’t wear them in the rain,” and I would probably listen, but as a 15-year-old, I did not.)

The day after the marathon, I looked on Etsy again. And I saw the ones above, sold by cherublover,  ], and they were on sale for a mere $80 (which is still more than I should be spending on anything, if I were to be honest). I actually like them more than the similar Frye ones below, sold by Stellah’s Groove, because the shape of the toe box is chunkier, which I appreciate, on the non-Frye ones.

Another thing I like about both pairs? They don’t have a zipper, which conflicts with the aesthetic and the purpose of the laces. I believe one should have to do the lacing up, not just work around them with a zipper as most modern knee-high lace-ups do.

So they are my marathon present. (This is not to be confused with a push present.)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

tweed swing jacket

This tweed coat is not vintage. The brand is O'Neill, and it was probably bought at a local department store (Macy's perhaps?). I found it at the local thrift store. I liked the idea: tweed with a swing shape. But the length and proportion were awkward, and the buttons were cheap.

I replaced the buttons, added a skirt using a grey and citron cotton weave with a bird print to exaggerate the swing and lengthen the jacket. The jacket now looks more interesting and retro.

And the buttons and birds match perfectly.

The size is small. Who wants it?

Monday, November 7, 2011

The vintage Schrader dress

This is the actual dress, maybe from the early 1980s, on Daisy. I am considering using the front pleats in the bodice of my design below. I love the sheer pink fabric with the white floral pattern outlined in black. It does, however, require a grey lining to tone it down.

The current form, the matronly dress complete with original shoulder pads, will be dismantled and recycled.

Now to find the time to do the work...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Schrader dress re-do

I found a Schrader dress, size 18, at my local thrift store. The sheer fabric is pink with white flowers outlined in black. I am a size 4 or 6 and the actual dress form is very dated--not retro. So I am going to use the fabric to make a flowing mini-dress, lined and bordered with grey cotton lawn fabric, and an asymmetrical hem.

As I waited for my son to be done with a school-related appointment, I sketched an idea. I will add photos of the current dress once I am back in my "studio."

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