Wednesday, August 31, 2011

layering black under light colors

I do not suggest the black lace bra under a white shirt or a sheer shirt (god forbid the latter). No, nothing like that.

I tried a beige slip under this COOPERATIVE dress, and the look bored me. So I tried a back cotton knit slip instead, and was pleased with the contrast. I like the feminine pink, white, and lime green fabric, which has some sort of fruit pattern on it (I am undecided whether they are meant to be apples or cherries), against the flat back.

So there.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

ode to grey

I love grey. Perhaps it is the faded New Yorker in me. I like black just fine—but I find it does not always go well with other colors. The contrast is too stark. So I have faded to grey, in fabrics. And in painting.

On the legs (is this the right term? uprights?) of a shelving project I completed with my husband, I painted blocks of bright, vibrant greens (love a lime green these days, too), reds, purples, yellows, organges and blues. I left space between the blocks and stripes for thin lines of grey, which I applied in layers. The whole painting deal took about three hours of my time. (We used recycled oak shelves from Community Forklift.)

All colors can get along if you add grey.