Saturday, September 17, 2011

mouse girl

If memory serves, she is a mouse girl. Here, I was showing her usual clothes and her princess clothes. She is kind of like a superhero. She might look all normal in her shorts and tank top, but she is transformed with the fabulous dress. Notice how her hair also changes. 

I also have my mother's note, which she attached to my preschool drawing, which she found after moving from her Redfern row house to her Redfern apartment in 2004.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

red leather jacket II

This morning, I finally finished repairing and transforming the vintage red leather jacket I bought in Maine

The skirt of pinwheel woven cotton fabric repairs and extends the existing red lining that was torn at the hem. I measured and drafted the four pattern pieces, lined and pleated the resulting “skirt,” then integrated it into the lining of the jacket.

I replaced the plastic buttons with buttons covered in vintage kimono fabric. The four large buttons at the wrists belonged to my mother; she had used safety pins to transform them into brooches for her assortment of blazers. The two closing the front were part of a pack of five that my mother bought at a museum shop (I can't remember which; many years have passed) and gave to me. I’ve been waiting for a way to use them.